Concept of Holistic Marketing

Concept of Holistic Marketing – Explained

Concept of Holistic Marketing

Holistic marketing concept considers all the different parts of a business as one single entity. Let’s see the Concept of Holistic Marketing with example.

Meaning of Holistic Marketing

Holistic marketing considers a business and all its parts. It sees a business as one entirety. As a result, it gives a shared aim and purpose for each activity within a business. And to everyone related to it. It thinks about a business’s place in the wider society.

For example:

  • Where does a business fit into the broader economy? And how does it impact the lives of its customers.
  • Think of the human body that can only function when all parts are working together. In the together to operate at its optimum
  • Consequently, this approach drives towards the alignment of your business’s processes,services, systems and customer touch points. This creates a consistent and seamless customer experience on multiple channels.

Need for the Concept of Holistic Marketing

  • Holistic marketing concept was proposed by the Philip Kotler and Kelvin Lane Keller, it is integrated marketing concept.
  • This concept of marketing is new in philosophy, and when it comes to implementing marketing strategies, marketers started using it fairly lately.
  • Holistic marketing approach has recently getting accepted and preferred by the marketers because of immense increase in the competition in the market where each and every business is trying to maintain the brand image and to reach the minds of its consumer.

Concept of Holistic Marketing

Meaning of Holistic Marketing

Principle Components of Holistic Marketing

There are four main components within a holistic marketing model, each of which plays an important role in bringing everything together for a business.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing refers to the internal management of system, the marketing department and the collaboration between the marketing department and other departments.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing involves the pricing strategy, product strategy, placing strategy, promotion strategy and also communication strategy.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is focused on different business activities, such as how to sell a product, brand and customer equity, and the ethical and legal responsibilities a business and product upholds.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is centered on the relationship you have with your customers, employees, partners and also competitors. By considering these four different principle components, holistic marketing allows you to create a comprehensive business plan that covers the whole business system.

Socially Responsible Marketing

The socially responsible marketing aspect of the holistic marketing concept involves a broader concern of the society at large. It requires the business to follow certain business ethics and also focuses on partnerships with philanthropic and community organizations. A business is considered as a part of the society and is required to repay the same. Socially responsible marketing encourage a positive impact on company’s stakeholders

Example of Holistic Marketing Concept

Apple is one example of a company that successfully uses holistic marketing. Everything from how the products are developed with the customer in mind, to the stores being branded in a recognizable fashion, to the customer service being extremely quick, efficient and also polite. Apple could be considered a master in using this strategy. Samsung is second example.

Benefits in using the Concept of Holistic Marketing

Creates cohesiveness

Rather than presenting diverging and conflicting information in different areas of your brand, holistic marketing brings your brand effectively ‘under one roof,’ presenting greater consistency and cohesiveness for your customers, even if you’re a small business.

Garners Good Results

Holistic marketing makes a brand more consistent and cohesive across all aspects, marketing channels and also messages. As a result, holistic marketing can help your small business get more out of its marketing efforts. All businesses possess different features which must be assessed and also evaluated. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. So, businesses need a holistic marketing approach. Include the different systems, services, processes and also customer touch points. The process can prove advantageous to small businesses as well as larger companies.

Significance of using the Concept of Holistic Marketing

Brand Building

  • In this emerging world customers are getting smarter and they are changing their mindset and habit towards the product. They are not only just concerning the product alone but also; they are looking for brand.
  • Here holistic marketing encourages the organization to build their brand image among the customers as well as investors. Thus in every business good relationship between customer and organization means everything.
  • Good and healthy relationship keeps customers coming back to the same organization for long time which ultimately adds up the profit and loyalty to the organization, and also satisfied customers can also free mouth to mouth marketing which is helpful for the company goodwill, which will help the brand to maintain the image in the market.


Consistency is important key to sustain in the market for long term. Holistic marketing approach helps an organization to maintain the good relation with their shareholders and also investors by the unified communication approach because if they maintain the communication in continuous form then they will automatically confirm the profitability due to good relationship.


When every aspect of business is taken care, it becomes easier to reduce or even eliminate the repetition in the activities, it becomes more efficient, and saves companies time and money. The efficiency can be seen from grabbing the opportunities and also spotting the potential threats to the organization.

Common Goal

All the services, processes, departments and also other business activities should be directed towards the common goal. Holistic Marketing approach contemplate that business and all of its activities should focus on towards a single common goal to achieve the great customer experience.

Research methodology

This research is grounded on primary data and secondary data. In order to get the primary data, online questionnaire was circulated. This study is quantitative in nature. This research involves the data collection, data cleaning, data sorting, data processing with the help of Chi-square Test. This data was collected from the 100 respondents of different background and also different age group.

Data Analysis

After collecting the data, it needs to be processed in well-mannered to get the desired results. So, here we discussed the responses collected from the research.


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