Blogs in Marketing

Role of Blogs in Marketing

Role of Blogs in Marketing – Introduction:

Blogs can be used as a Marketing Tool. In this article lets see What is meaning of Blogs, Blogs types. Next we will see How to make a blogs, Role of Blogs in Marketing and also Promotion strategies to increase Blogs traffic.

What is meaning of Blogs

What is meaning of Blogs

A blog is a web page that contains regularly posted inlays that are archived and arranged in reversed chronological order.

How to make a blogs

Blogs can be made keeping the following points in mind.

Blog characteristics:

The blog is a “web log”, meaning a web site with the following features:

blogs images
  • The entries are directed towards one or more subjects, illustrative of the expertise area or of the concerns of the person who is posting the blogs
  • The blog is usually kept up by one person
  •  It is easy to update, therefore the entries’ frequency is pretty high (usually at least twice a week)
  • The entries are arranged chronologically backwards (thus, the newest is always the first on the page)
  • Most blogs allow the readers to post comments right below the published article
  • Communication is direct, less formal and also subjective.

Interesting Facts about Blog:

  • Four in five bloggers post brand or product reviews, with 37% posting them frequently.
  • 90% of bloggers say they post about the brands, music, movies and also books that they love (or hate). One-third of bloggers have been approached by companies to be brand advocates.
  • When it comes to the demographics, the blog posters are male (with an average of 60 and 75%, depending on the geographical area), college graduates (approximately 70%), with ages relatively in the same range (between 18 and 35 and over 35 years old), except Asian Bloggers, for whom the percentage of users under 35 years old is 73%.
  • 77% of active Internet users read blogs.

Importance of Blogs in Marketing:

  • In the current time of the global communication achieved through the Internet, the blog marketing is an essential marketing instrument because of its specific characteristics.
  • Because is suited in the personal, occupational and corporate spheres, the blog eases communication and acts as an active factor that creates and promotes an identity specific to the virtual space of the World Wide Web, with direct and immediate implications over the material financial aspects of the economic and also social realities.

Blogs types

Blogs types can be be divided in three large categories, depending on their subject: –

  • Personal – where subjects of personal interest are debated (approximately 80% of all blogs are included here)
  • Occupational – Subjects relating to a profession and to professional training, but without being written from the stand of an official spokesman of a company (many times the occupational and personal blogs are mixed when it comes to the chosen subject)
  • Corporate – blogs officially maintained and supported by the company the blogger is a part of (approximately 12% of bloggers blog in an official capacity for their company).

Role of blogs in marketing

Blogs types

Blogs can be used as a Marketing Tool. Blog Marketing is a content marketing strategy. The blogs kept by a company, person or organization (political, religious, etc.) can achieve: –

  • A presentation of the products and services promoted by the company and/or of the ideas and also goals (political, religious) pursued by a person or a group of people
  • In the case of the blog, their presentation can be more personal, less formal and more direct than it is possible through other media channels (television, newspapers, magazine, etc);
  • An easier, faster and less expensive way to monitor the clients’ reactions to the launched products or to the company’s performance (this is done by tracing and also analyzing the number of visits for a certain post and by analyzing the number and nature of the comments on a certain subject left by the visitor). Thus, blogs in business play a huge role.
  • Elucidation of the misunderstandings that can appear about the promoted products and services, or about the various aspects relating to quality, price, distribution manner, granted warranties, etc. an efficient PR activity: by launching information, press releases and news through blogs about different projects of the organization.

Marketing on Blogs

Marketing on blogs has a few essential features which recommend it as an optimum marketing means:

  • It is relatively easy to achieve – with the existent technologies supplied by companies like WordPress or Blogger, the time needed to create a blog that is ready to host the first post is 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Implies a lower cost than the marketing conducted through other media channels, and it also Implies a more rigorous control of the cost-income ratio (through the analysis tools of the visitors’ activity on the blog), as well as low maintenance costs
  • Offers an immediate global coverage (mediated by the Internet); a 24/7 access and an almost instantaneous communication with the visitors, through comments, responses or online chats available on the blog;
  • Gives an easy control of the feedback from other blogs/sites with which there are or there are no affiliation/collaboration connections, and also from the advertising banners posted on other blogs or sites with the purpose to increase traffic for our own blog.

Requirement of Blogs in Marketing

Blogs Post

The good, original and relevant content for the readers is essential for the blog’s appeal, which is achieved through:

  • Regular, scheduled and frequent blogs post is must (the blogs from Technorati Top 100 have an average of 10 post a day);
  • Blogs Post about news from the targeted area
  • Blogs Post written as a “How to…” type of article – which explain in detail the stages that must be covered in order to successfully run a specific activity that is of interest for the reader – for example, the steps needed to place a certain web widget in a blog, accompanied by relevant images and also detailed descriptions of these steps.

Articles Post:

  • A definition-presentation / technical depiction type of article for a certain aspect (an explanation given in terms specific for that area of expertise, but in a manner that is sufficiently mundane to be understood by a reader with minimum knowledge about that area)
  • Articles – dispute/debate – about hot, acute topics, which are of major interest at a given moment;
  • Articles that approach a list, a top – such as “10 ways to…”, “7 advantages of…”, “The best 8 methods to …”.
  • Regarding the content of the Blogs post, it is recommended to avoid plagiary, to develop original and interesting opinions, written with a relevant and also not boring argumentation.

Blogs in business Promotion – Advertising on Blogs

  • In the personal – occupational sphere, the blog is similar to newspapers and magazines, because most incomes generated by personal blogs come mainly from the hosted advertisements.
  • A few of the advertising methods promoted by blogs in business that can be mentioned are: Hosting advertising banners for a limited number of companies. With the help of web traffic tracking instruments, the efficiency of certain banners can be traced in real time, and also if they don’t generate enough traffic, they can be replaced with more appealing banners. According to Bob Stone the requirements for an efficient banner are: to be simple, to show images with people, to have a clear language, which must impel to immediate action, suggesting an urgency feeling to act by following the link it sends to.

How to make Money on blogs

  • Using advertising networks like Google Adsense or Amazon, which in the framework given by the blogger post commercials aimed at products relating to the content of the article. An important role in maximizing their efficiency is played by the banners’ position and also visibility (the most recommended spots are above the post and right after it).
  • Creating a data base with the e-mails of the blogs’ visitors in exchange to free access to certain offers (for example, free e-books), which are then used to send advertisements included in the blogs post like reviews/presentations. In this particular case is important to have easy options to opt-in

Blogs traffic – Promotion strategies

The promotion of a blog is important for increasing Blogs Traffic:

  • Posting comments on other blogs relevant for the topic of your own blog – it is recommended to make them to the point, to be respectful, interesting, coherent and also accompanied by a link to the blog of the person who is making the comment
  • By optimizing the blog’s content (SEO) in order to have a better position in the results given by search engines when certain key words are looked for thus increasing Blogs traffic
  • Blogs Title: An important role is played here by the blog’s title. Writing a good Title is crucial in Reader’s point of view as well as SEO which will increase Blogs traffic. Title generator for blogs is available in many Tools like Ubersuggest, Ahref, Semrush.


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