Tools for Direct Marketing

5 Best Tools for Direct Marketing with Advantages in detail

Tools for Direct Marketing

Introduction: Tools for Direct Marketing

Direct marketing attempts to acquire and retain customers by contacting them without the use of an intermediary. In this article let’s see the most Important Tools for Direct Marketing.


Important Tools for Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing
  • The most recent form of direct marketing is online marketing. It uses Internet technology to attain marketing objectives.
  • It is one of the recent developments in the field of marketing. It has increased the horizon of the marketers and also has provided them with a broader platform to operate.
  • It can be defined as achieving marketing objectives through the use of electronic communications technology such as: Internet, e-mail, E-books, database, and mobile phone. Direct marketers can use a number of tools for reaching prospects and also customers. Let’s see some of the Tools for Direct Marketing are mentioned as under:

5 Best Tools for Direct Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

  • E-mail remains one of the most important tools for direct marketing used for building customer relationships. E-mail or in other words electronic mail allows users to send a message or file from one computer directly to another with the help of Internet connectivity.
  • These are word-of-mouse tools through which consumers communicate about products with each other. These are being sent regularly by marketers to their customers announcing sales, discount offers, promotional schemes and also other messages. E-mailers are being used to build a buzz about products.
E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Newsletters Some of the companies send periodic e-mail newsletters. These are effective tools for communicating with clients. It provides detailed news about the company, its products or other latest developments.

Permission Marketing-Opt in or Opt out

Permission Marketing
  • In order to send e-mail to customers to generate a response, it is important for marketers to have the list of required email addresses. For the purpose, it is expected from marketers to search for those list that are 100 percent guaranteed to be opt-in.
  • The opt-in qualification means that users have voluntarily given permission to receive commercial email about topics of interest to them. Those recipients who do not give their permission clearly or who prefer to opt-out, are generally not responsive to such emails. Marketing messages to opt in lists can generate a response rate of up to 90 percent, which is considered as quite good

“Permission marketing is about turning strangers into customers”.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing
  • When recipients forward email to friends, co-workers, family members, and also others on their email lists, they are using word-of-mouse technique. This is known as viral marketing, which is the online equivalent of word of mouth.
  • Viral marketing works well if all those who have been forwarded the emails fall in the target market of the firm. It helps in making their marketing campaign go viral. The message spreads like fire to millions of people.
  • But the success of viral marketing is highly unpredictable as there is tremendous competition online for entertaining and engaging video and also contests. At times, some of the video turns out to be a huge success, while most often it is a disappointment that a great video could not turn heads off and also did not go viral. There is no hard and fast rule for success in viral marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile marketing (the sending of short text messages direct to mobile phones) is extremely successful. Every month in Britain over a billion chargeable text messages are sent. Marketers have been quick to spot the opportunities of this medium to communicate, particularly to a youth audience. Mobile Marketing is one of the most important tools for direct marketing.
  • Mobile phones are increasingly being used by marketers to send messages across to millions of people. SMS and MMS and Whats app are being used to send marketing messages to present and also potential customers. Short message services (SMS) are up to 160 characters text sent by one user to another over the Internet, usually with a cell phone or a smart phone.

In addition to instant messages, there are other options available through mobile phones, such as:

  • Chat rooms- in this case, various mobile users can all engage in one conversation.
  • Hyperlinksusers can send each other active links to websites.
  • Files- using instant messaging each other can send files or Microsoft Word documents to one another.
  • Talk- with the microphone and speakers attached to a PC, users can talk to each other over the Internet.
  • Videoconference- With a web camera connected to PC, users can engage in videoconferencing.
  • Steaming information- Up-to-date news, stock quotes, and also other information can be displayed in the client application.

Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response Advertising
  • Direct response advertising appears in the prime media such as television and also the press but is different from standard advertising since it is designed to elicit a direct response such as a request for further information, an enquiry or an order.
  • Usually a Freefone telephone number is provided so that interested parties can contact the company. In this way, broadcast media are used to reach large numbers of consumers and direct marketing techniques are employed to allow a fast response by both consumers and also the company

Catalogue Marketing

Catalogue Marketing
  • Catalogue marketing is the promotion and sale of goods through catalogues distributed to agents and customers by mail or at outlets if the catalogue marketer is a store owner.
  • Traditionally catalogue marketing was a form of mail order where agents passed the catalogue to relatives and also friends who ordered through the agent


Why are direct marketing tools important?

Direct marketing allows you to generate a specific response from targeted groups of customers. Direct marketing attempts to acquire and retain customers by contacting them without the use of an intermediary

What makes direct marketing successful?

Because it communicates directly with customers, it can deliver a higher conversion rate. 

What are the six tools of direct marketing?

The following are the six tools of direct marketing

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Permission Marketing-Opt in or Opt out
  • Viral Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • Catalogue Marketing

Does Google use direct marketing?

Google uses direct mail to deliver millions of marketing postcards to current and prospective advertisers each year


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