Effective Means of Communication

7 Effective Means of Communication

Effective Means of Communication

In order to remove barriers to communication an open door communication policy should be prepared and followed by managers at all levels. The superiors in the organisation must create an atmosphere of confidence and trust in the organisation so that the credibility gap may be narrowed down. The following are the 7 Effective Means of Communication.

What are Effective Communication?

Effective communication occurs when there is shared meaning. Effective communication means message that is sent is the same message that is received. There must be a mutual understanding between the sender and also the receiver for the transmission of ideas or information to be successful.

Effective communication means:

  • Using language that is appropriate to others’ levels of understanding.
  • Making sure others receive the information or knowledge intended.
  • Developing relationships with others.
  • Talking with others in a way that facilitates openness, honesty and also cooperation.
  • Providing feedback.

Effective Means of Communication

1. Two-way communication:

  • The organisation’s communication policy should provide for a two-way traffic in communication-upwards and downwards. It brings two minds closer and improves understanding between the two parties, the sender and also the receiver.
  • A feedback system should be introduced in the organisation so that distortion in the filtering of damages should be avoided. There should be no communication gap.

2. Strengthening Communication Network:

  • The communication network should be strengthened to make it effective. For this purpose, the procedure of communication should be simplified, layers in downward communication should be reduced to the minimum possible.
  • Decentralisation and delegation of authority should be encouraged to make information communication more efficient, through frequent meetings, conferences and also timely dissemination of information to the subordinates.

3. Promoting Participative Approach:

  • The management should promote the participate approach in management. The subordinates should be invited to participative in the decision-making process.
  • It should seek cooperation from the subordinate and also reduce communication barriers.

4.  Appropriate Language:

  • In communication certain symbols are used. Such symbols may be in the form of words, pictures and also actions. If words are used, the language should be simple and easily comprehensible be avoided. Thus the sender must use the language with which the receiver is familiar.
  • The message should be supported by pictures or action, wherever necessary, to emphasise certain points. The sender must also practise in action what he says to others or expects from others.

5.  Credibility in Communication:

  • One criterion of effective communication is credibility. The subordinates obey the orders of their superior because they have demonstrated through their actions that they are trustworthy.
  • They must practices whatever they say. The superior must also maintain his trustworthiness. If the superior is trusted by the subordinates, communication will be effective.

6.  Good Listening:

  • A communication must be a good listener too. A good manager gives his subordinates a chance to speak and express their feelings well before him.
  • The manager also gets some useful information for further communication and also can have a better understanding of the subordinates needs, demands etc.

7.  Selecting on Effective Communication Channel:

  • The communication should be sent to the receiver though an effective channel.
  • Thus by effective channel we mean that the message reaches its destination in time, to the right person, and also without any distortion, filtering or omission.


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