Importance of Technology on Education

Importance of Technology on Education

Importance of Technology on Education

Importance of Technology on Education – Introduction

The role of technology in the field of education is fourfold: it is included as a part of the curriculum, as an instructional delivery system, as a means of aiding instructions and also as a tool to enhance the entire learning process. Let’s see the Importance of Technology on Education in detail.

Need for Technology on Education field

  • Education has gone from passive and reactive to interactive and aggressive.Education is essential in corporate and also academic settings.
  • In the former, education or training is used to help workers do things differently than they did before.
  • In the latter; education is geared towards creating curiosity in the minds of students. In either case, the use of technology can help students understand and retain concepts better.

Easily access to learning material: –

E-books, revision guides and past examination papers that are available on World Wide Web and also students can take advantages of these to improve knowledge base.

Continuous learning: –

With the help of information technology in education it is possible for students to keep on learning, irrespective of where they are even at home. This has greatly enhanced efficiency in the education sector.

Sharing of knowledge: –

Students from all over the world can come together and also can share the experiences; the geographical distances are no more barriers, it has been made possible only through technology.

Learning aids:

By using audio and visual materials, we can put some practical aspect to the theory taught in class and also students can develop a better understanding of topics being taught.

Distance learning: –

Now its possible to attend a college overseas without even getting out of your home country and also at your own convenience. With the help of online courses anyone can get the second degrees or additional certifications.

Proper record keeping: –

Unlike in the past when records used to be kept manually and there were many cases of lost files, the use of information technology in education has made it possible for safe and also proper record keeping.

Importance of technology on Education field

Need for Technology on Education field

There are a number of benefits of introducing technology in the field of Education. There has been appositive impact of technology on education. Here are some of the benefits of educational technology.

Technology develops learning capabilities:

  • One of the benefits of educational technology for students is that it helps them improve their learning capabilities.
  • Since it is one field which is constantly changing, new updates can be easily introduced to the students class plans can be prepared with the help of the software.

Use of technology in Classes:

In the classes teachers use technological tools like Video, Audio programs, graphics, images, CD and power point presentation to impart education to the students which increase students‟ learning efficiency and also quality of physical education.

Technology improves motivation of students:

When students are given meaningful interaction with computers, software and the internet, they are more motivated, engaged and also involved in their own learning.

Technology improves creativity, problem solving skills and self image:

The latest digital tools can therefore serve as a vehicle to help students learn content of knowledge as well as problem solving and higher level thinking skills.

Technology improves the quality of student work:

With the introduction of the software it becomes easy to teach students with special needs, the appropriate study materials are so designed that leaner becomes comfortable and effective. Thus the students overcome their deficiencies by the use of modern devices and also techniques.

Technology Improves Student Achievement on Tests:-

There is mounting evidence that technology improves student achievement on tests. Brain eating problems of mathematics and also statistics can be easily calculated through calculators.

Technology Benefits Students with Special Needs:-

Technology can improve capabilities of learning, understanding and expression of the children with special needs. They can play games and enjoy the support competitions can use software to write essay significantly better than fellow students. They can be interact ally sound physically flexible with the help of teaching and learning materials.

Technology Benefits:-

Drawing a play fields. Knowledge of support materials is given to the players by technical methods, video cameras. Thus recording of sports competitions help the players to pick up the sport skills.

Technology Acts as a Catalyst for Change:

Technology plays a role as a catalyst for change in educational activities. Teaching methods are made effective. Learning becomes enjoyable transmission of information is easy Teaching learning process is simplified. Thus time is saved which can be utilized for other pursuits.

Technology Prepares Students for the Future:-

By having and working with technology in schools, students gain the skills that they will need to be marketable in the future workplace and also to operate in a high-tech world.

Technology increases Knowledge and Opportunities:-

Through the use of various digital tools, teachers and librarians can also offer students increased access to knowledge and innovative opportunities.

Technology reflects our current lifestyle and the working world:

By incorporating meaningful use of technology into a curriculum, educators ensure that students will begin to these critical thinking skills such as creativity collaboration and also flexibility.


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