Usage of Technology in Education

Usage of Technology in Education

Usage of Technology in Education

Usage of technology in education – Introduction

Educational technology is an organized process of applying modern technology to improve the quality of education. It is a systematic way of conceptualizing the execution and evaluation of the educational process, i.e. learning and teaching and help with the application of modern educational teaching techniques. Let’s see the various Usage of technology in education.

Usage of technology in education

Educational technology usage is broadly classified as:

  • Technology as a tutor
  • Technology as a Teaching tool
  • Technology as a learning tool
Technology in Education

Using projectors and visuals

  • Visual images always have a strong appeal compared to words. Using projectors and visuals to aid in learning is another form of great technological use.
  • Top institutions around the world, now rely on the use of amazing PowerPoint presentations and projections in order to keep the learning interactive and interesting.
  • Technological use such as projectors within the schools and colleges can take the interaction and interest levels right up and also improve motivation. Students like to see appealing visuals and something that entices them to think rather than just reading words.
  • The learning part also becomes pretty efficient when it comes to technology.

Digital footprint in the education sector

  • If we talk about digital and education, then the penetration of digital media within the education sector has now grown.
  • This penetration has resulted in round the clock connectivity with students and different forums that are available for different kinds of assignments or help.
  • As the power of digital increases, there are and there will be more applications that will assist students in development and learning.

Online degrees with the use of technology

  • Online degrees now have become a very common phenomenon. People wish to take up online courses for their learning and certifications.
  • Top institutions offer amazing online programs with the use of various applications and the internet. This is a concept that will continue to rise as it gets more support and awareness.
  • The online degree scenario around the world is more famous among students who work and look for flexible studying programs.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

  • ICT is a boom for students today as it has a significant and positive effect on student achievement. ICT basically includes television, computers, internet etc. when used appropriately it can strengthen, expand and raise quality of education. The use of computers and the internet for enhancing the quality of education by making learning more relevant to life has been seen as an ideal by educational institutions.
  • The citizens of tomorrow who are our students now are going to live in the age of the electronic media. ICT can boost creativity and problem solving capability in students. However, ICT also provides new tools that can be used in teaching science and technology.
  • The whole range of conventional software is used, including databases, spreadsheets, statistical and graphical programs. In addition, modelling, visualization and the simulation of processes are important. ICT is also used for taking time series of measurements of a wide variety of parameters (‘data logging’).
  • Science and technology are likely to be key elements of strategies to develop ICT as a resource for promoting teaching and learning. It is also likely that science and technology teachers are better equipped, by virtue of their training, for this task than many of their colleagues, although they, too, are likely to need to have their skills brought up-to-date by means of suitable training programmes.

Drawbacks in Usage of technology in education


  • Technology should be used to assist the classroom curriculum, but nowadays it is used as the primary source of learning, be it in classroom or home students often get involved in messaging, social media, gaming or even selfies when they actually wanted to research something for their homework or assignment.
  • This type of distraction is not only sets work back by few minutes in time, but it also sets them back mentally, It can cause some serious damages over time.

Mental health:

  • Over use of technology will negatively impact the learning process of the students.
  • Technology provides so many shortcuts to the students for sourcing the materials or completing the assignments, which has increased the plagiarism and hoaxing and it has completely diminished the analysis and critical thinking ability of the students.

Physical health:

  • All electronic devices emit radiation which is harmful for human body. Looking at a mobile phone or laptop screen can lead to headache, back pain and eyesight problem.
  • Using earphone may give unique experience to the students but it will cause loss of hearing in older age. Technology extends the study time of the students but making them seated in one place for longer duration which will lead to obesity and stress.
  • Usage of these technological devices in class room and home foe educational support can cause severe damage to their physical health, which may restrain them from achieving their life goals.

Social health:

  • Face to Face interaction is the key to healthy social skill. Technology appears to create global networking bringing people together, but in reality it replaces real life communication and ends in social rejection and isolation.
  • In interpersonal communication non verbal cues such as eye contact, tones of voice and facial expressions helps people to feel more connected to others, but in digital communication no such cues are available which reduces the personal connection, empathy and confidence in the student


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