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Persuasion meaning

Persuasion Skill


In this article you will learn the Art of Persuasion Skill which will make you become an influencer in Life & Career and also help people transform their lives.

Persuasion meaning:

It is an umbrella term of influence. It can attempt to influence a person’s beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviors.

What is Influence?

  • The ability to help others change their Thoughts, Beliefs and also Actions.
  • The ability to help people transform their lives.

Importance of Influence:

  • Firstly to be more influential on the job. Helps you be more effective with your friends, family & children
  • Learn how to spot negative persuasion strategies in ads & from politicians
  • Helps you gain access to resources.
  • Certainly to Improve your relationships
  • Be able to effectively share your ideas and get your point across.

The power of influence:

Beginning concept:

  • Openness & Sincerity are the BEST Persuasion tools
  • Be kind, be warm, be loving, be giving, & be happy
  • Simply share some of yourself

“The head never hears… Until the heart has listened”

You must begin to see yourself as a “Master Persuader”

“Perception is Everything”

What is Persuasion Skills?

Persuasion Skill is a powerful and amazing type of human communication. Simply through ordinary talk, when you cause others to alter a belief, change an emotion, or act differently, you’ve persuaded them. Persuasion involves you, other people, and change. Persuasion is a fundamental and natural part of human contact and human society. It’s about using words for change.

Persuasion Powerful Tool 1:

Persuasion Skills

The following are the 6 Master principles of “Persuasion” which is scientifically proven.

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Commitments
  5. Social proof
  6. Likability

1) Reciprocity:

People respond in kind. Create positive loops!

For Example) in marketing giving sample free

2) “The law of scarcity”

We perceive things that are scarce as more valuable

For Example: “Limited Time Only”

3) Authority power:

Showing our “Position” or expertise

For Example: Marketing expert, doctor, lawyers, etc.

4) Commitment:

  • People commitments are very important to them
  • Commitments are powerful
  • “Progressive commitment”
  • Moving them along step-by-step

5) Social proof:

  • We look to others for clues as to what we should do
  • Other people are clueless too
  • For Example) Testimonials, reference clients, feedback.

6) Likability:

Why do like one person more than another?

  • Smile
  • Similar traits
  • Mutual friends
  • Outgoing
  • Body language
  • Match speed and pace
  • Similar language
  • Agreeable & Open
  • They like us!
  • Similar IQ
  • Listening & validating
  • Appreciative
  • Show interest
  • Proximity
  • Obligation
  • Empathy

They must have following Persuasion tool!

  • “TRUST”
  • Freely given
  • Presumed
  • Authority
  • Reputation
  • Mindless
  • Earned

What builds trust?

  • Time/history
  • Consistency
  • Sharing
  • Reciprocating
  • Testing
  • Secret
  • Rapport
  • Mutual friends

Other Trust builders:

  • Protection
  • Value/belief
  • Kindness/Caring
  • Mutual goals
  • Greed
  • Lancing things
  • Leverage/security

Emotional Reasoning:

  • Do we act from emotion or logic?
  • Does emotion back by logic?
  • 90% Emotional 10% Logical

More powerful tools for Persuasion:

  • Our most powerful human drive is to change our state
  • People always do things for THEIR reasons Not ours!

Logic system:

  • Everyone has a set system for how they think and how they put their logic together.
  • “That Makes sense”
  • Talk or Explain

The power of perceptual contrast

  • High price – Low price
  • Old days – Today
  • Old way – New way
  • Long time – Short time

For Example) Now Jus 10$

“The Setting pre-defines the Situation

  • Office
  • Casual setting
  • Home advantage
  • “Tell people who they are”
  • Warm
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Patient
  • Excited
  • Intelligent

Listen for Values & beliefs. Then apply them to whatever idea you want to promote

Persuasion Skill Tool 2: Rapport Building & Reputation

Building Reputation


  • A positive reputation “Pre supposes” several nice things about you
  • It’s like being liked Ahead of Time!
  • For Example) Referral

“Matching & Mirroring”

  • Physiology
  • Beliefs
  • Self talk
  • Visualization
  • Sequence

Make other person feel comfortable

Use good “Attending Skills”

Let people know what you like in them!

Smile! So happy to see you!

Speaking Vs Listening

  • Talk no more than 30% of the time
  • “Conversational Generosity”

Proximity: (Nearness)

More close more open

Appropriate touch:

Like handshake

Body language:

  • Such a way we are paying attention to others
  • It is much better to be interested than interesting
  • “Sensing & Expanding” in conversation. Belief value, idea, logic, etc
  • For Example) that is true. Acknowledging.


For Example) Nice dress!

Help people feel good about themselves

Use humor to build rapport:

40% of all ads use humor!


Defensiveness (Less)


Emotions creates Motion”: People are moved by their emotions.

Increase the person’s faith:

  • Demonstrate!
  • Go first. “Be the change you want to see in the world”


  • How can we use doubt?
  • Loosen old negative beliefs
  • Help them look at something anew
  • Open them to new ideas

Develop a network of friends: Who will always stand by you.


  • People will follow gentle instructions.
  • Lead & others will follow…
  • Be bold & take leadership position.


  • People tend to believe what they read & rarely question the merits.
  • For Example) Testimonials
  • Use quotes to boost credibility!
  • “Bring on your witness”
  • Show your research “He with the best research wins”

Confidence: People fear doing the wrong thing. So they naturally follow confidence.

Questions: They determine the focus & direction.

Storytelling: Storytelling keeps interest

Reverse – Rebuttal: Turn the objections into the Reason!

Rapport Building


Thus by applying the above Persuasion tools & techniques we can master the art of persuasion skill and become a positive Influencer in Life & Career.


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